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What care might I need?

What care might I need?

Taking a moment to map out the care and existing/potential services you may need during your illness is a helpful exercise. It allows you to see where there are strong relationships already in place and the gaps where care is lacking or would be if one of your key care providers becomes ill themselves or simply needs to take a break. Sharing the care map can also inform others of how important they are in your future plans and spark conversation about when else may be needed.

A care map is a simple illustration of all those involved in the care of a patient. It often includes family, friends and healthcare professionals no matter the size of their contribution to the patient's care. The care map is meant to help its user understand the connections between all those involved in the patient's care. Creating a care map is a rather simple process and multiple templates exist that make creating one easier for patients and their caregivers.

Pallium Canada: Care-Map-Toolkit_How-to-Create-a-Care-Map.pdf (

Alberta Health Services: care-map-template-diagnosis.pdf (

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