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Assistive Devices

 Assistive Devices

Over the years we have seen a surge in assistive devices, equipment that permits you or your loved ones to remain mobile or at home while receiving care for longer. Ranging from walkers, to lifts, to hospital beds, there are non-profit and for profit companies in Saskatchewan ready to provide you with a variety of products to make life easier.

Sask Abilities

This is the premier company in Saskatchewan for all things concerning assistive devices including those for palliative care.

Their services include:

Independent living

Community programs

Supported employment

and more.

Nordon Drugs

This company is primarily responsible for distributing pharmaceutical drugs, however they also sell several assistive devices as well. These include:




and more.

Tetra Society of North America

"At Tetra, our focus is to find solutions to environmental barriers faced by people with disabilities. While these environmental barriers are a part of a person’s journey, we believe Tetra solutions help foster greater independence, quality of life, and inclusion."

Saskatoon Chapter:


Jean Price


Regina Chapter:


Terri Sleeva


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